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Latest News

December 11: Cartman, Tara, London attended the Los Encinos Kennel Club conformation show in Long Beach, CA. Tara was the only 12 & over Veteran Bitch so she came home with a blue ribbon! Hey, when you're almost 13 years old, you'll take them anyway you can! ;) London was in a big class of about twelve 6 to 9 month old Puppy Bitches. She's was "dumped" in the Sweepstakes class, but made the cut in the Regular class under breeder/judge Gloria Kerr.

December 5: Dijon, Wenna, Covey, Briton attended the Valley Hills Obedience Club's AKC Obedience and Agility Trials in Van Nuys, CA. Unfortunately, no one passed, but Dijon & Wenna did very well for their first time ever in Agility!


November 27: Dijon, Kiss, Covey, & Cartman attended two United Kennel Club (UKC) Conformation shows in Claremont, CA. The UKC is a different breed registry from the American Kennel Club (AKC), but they also put on conformation and performance events. However, the UKC isn't nearly as popular, especially in Southern California, as AKC. Cartman won Best Male, Best of Breed, and a Group II at the first show and Covey won Best Male at the second show. This earned both boys competitive points towards their UKC Champion title. The girls, Kiss & Dijon, won their classes so earned non-competitive points towards their UKC Champion title. Dijon also won the Reserve Best Female award. To earn the title, a dog must win Best Male/Female three times under three different judges with competition and have a total of 100 points. Covey has 50 points towards his title (25 w/competition), Cartman has  total of 45 points (35 w/competition), and Dijon & Kiss each have 20 points (none with competition).

November 20-21: Dijon Cartman attended the International All-Breed Canine Association of America (http://www.iabca.com) shows in Anaheim, CA. These shows allow dogs in the US to earn UCI International titles. The judges provide a written critique of each dog and assigns a rating to each dog. The titles earned are non-competitive but are supposed to show how well the dog conforms to the UCI breed standard. Both Dijon Cartman received V-1 ratings, the highest possible, from each of the four judges. Three V-1 ratings are needed to obtain the UCI International Championship title. Therefore, Dijon Cartman both earned the title and are now known as UCI Int. CH. Stevandorn Dijon CD, CGC and UCI Int. CH. Star Crowned Respect My Authority CGC!


October 30: Digby completed his AKC Junior Hunter (JH) title today. We are very proud of him and his owner Angela. Digby is now Star Crowned Sonic Boom JH, WC!

October 11: Briton participated in the first ever Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA) Certificate of Conformation Assessment (CCA) held at the 2004 GRCA National Specialty.  We are honored that all 3 evaluators gave her qualifying scores, thereby earning her the brand new GRCA title of CCA! So Briton is now Maritime Star Crowned Briton CD, WC, CCA, CGC.

The CCA is a non-competitive conformation title. According to the GRCA website: "The purposes of the CCA program are to (a) provide a non-competitive means of evaluating and scoring the conformation qualities of individual Golden Retrievers against the Breed Standard (as opposed to a competitive "dog-to-dog" comparison as in dog show competition); (b) provide a useful and informative assessment by knowledgeable evaluators of the conformation qualities of individual Golden Retrievers, with written records of reports on Golden Retrievers which have been assessed as reaching a certain level of quality according to the AKC Breed Standard."

For more information on the CCA program, go to http://www.grca.org/CCA/default.htm.


September 18: Dijon earned the 3rd & final leg towards her AKC Companion Dog (CD) obedience title today, so she is now officially known as Stevandorn Dijon CD, CGC! She earned her 3rd leg at the Santa Ana Valley Kennel Club show in Cypress, CA.

September 12: Tara escorted 3 of her grandkids - Kiss, Strummer, & London - to the B/OB Match put on by the Antelope Valley Kennel Club in Lancaster, CA. Grandma Tara participated in Rally Novice and earned 3rd place!! Not bad for an old girl of 12 1/2 years! Strummer also participated in Rally Novice, but didn't do so well and DQ'ed. We obviously need to do some training! London participated in the Puppy Movement class and handled better then she did last month in Tehachapi. Kiss earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC).


August 14: Briton, Covey, Dijon, Strummer, Rudie, & London all attended the Mojave Desert Golden Retriever Club's fun match in Tehachapi, CA. Briton, Covey, & Dijon all practiced their obedience, while Strummer tried out Rally. Rudie & London were in the 3-6 month Puppy conformation classes and, umm, let's just say they need some practice! ;)


May 22: Dijon earned her second leg towards her AKC Companion Dog (CD) title at the Kennel Club of Pasadena show in Pasadena, CA. She placed 4th! One more leg to go!

May 16: Briton, Dijon, Cartman, and Mac went field training at Prado.

May 9: Briton, Covey, Barbarella, and Dijon went field training at Prado.

May 8: Tara, Briton, Dijon, and Cartman, along with their relatives DC (Tara's brother), ShadeMan, and Truly, attended the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles (GRCGLA) Specialty show. See video of Tara and the other wonderful older ladies, Shimmer & Bijou, in the 12 and over Veteran Bitches class here.

May 2: Briton, Covey, Barbarella, and Dijon went field training at Little Lake.


April 18: Briton, Covey, Barbarella, and Dijon all went field training at Little Lake. This was our first time back field training this year and we had a great time! It was a gorgeous day - sunny but cool. Hopefully this will become a weekly habit!

April 17: Briton and Barbarella went to our first ever AKC Agility Trial. Briton ran in the Preferred classes which jump at a lower height. After all, she will be 10 years old in less than 2 weeks! She qualified in the 16" Standard Preferred class for her first leg towards the Novice Agility Preferred (NAP) title and a First Place ribbon! She needs 2 more legs before earning the NAP title. Briton had a little bit of difficulty on the 16" Jumpers Preferred course and knocked a bar off. Barbarella ran in the Novice A 24" Standard and Jumpers classes and did pretty well, but didn't qualify. She decided the cones that number each obstacle were actually retrieving articles and brought me several of them! So, now we'll start practicing with cones in our weekly classes! ;)

April 16: The decision had to finally be made to help Logan pass on. He was 15 3/4 years old and my first "on-my-own" Golden. With Logan I learned about conformation, field, obedience, and humility!


March 31: Wenna easily and quickly whelped her litter sired by Davey.  There were 4 girls and 3 boys. First puppy pictures can be seen here. As of this moment, all puppies have homes!

March 27: Dijon earned her first leg towards her AKC Companion Dog (CD) title at the Kern County Kennel Club show in Bakersfield, CA. She placed 3rd!

March 14: Covey earned his first leg (pass) towards his AKC Companion Dog (CD) title at the Coso Dog Fanciers of California show in Ridgecrest, CA. Two more legs are now needed to earn the title!


February 16: Wenna returned from her 3 week vacation in Canada. Puppies will be due about April 1st!

February 13: Bear, a son of Logan owned by Karen Lamb, finished his AKC Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) title at the Plum Creek Kennel Club of Colorado show in Denver, CO! Way to go Bear!! We're very proud!


January 25: Wenna flies to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to meet her latest boyfriend, Can. CH. Dewmist Davenport Can. OS.

January 17: Harriet Spiva Webb (September 19th, 1927 - January 17, 2004). My Mom and mentor mercifully passed today after suffering with Parkinson's disease.


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