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Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club (USA)

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Prado Basin Hunting Retriever Club

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Latest News

Latest News

February 20, 21 & 22: The Star Crowned Gang took a trip to Del Mar in our home away from home. I need to remember to take a picture of the whole setup while at a dog event. Maybe next time!
On Friday, February 20th, at the Golden Retriever Club of San Diego Specialty, we participated only in conformation. Rutan was in the Sweepstakes 12-15 month old Dog class where he was second out of two and also in the 12-18 month old Dog class where he was second out of three! London was in Bred By Exhibitor Bitches but didn't place in a class of nine. Kaywin was in the American Bred Bitches class and placed fourth out of five. Truly was in the 8-10 year old Veteran Bitches class (both Sweepstakes & Regular). In Sweeps she placed third out of three (phooey!), but in the Regular class she placed First out of three under judge Terry Stacy! She sailed around the ring and the judge could not deny her.

On Saturday and Sunday at the Silver Bay Kennel Club shows, we only participated in Rally and Obedience. Athos earned one leg towards his Rally Advanced (RA) title. He was rather "exuberant" on the first day and knocked the jump, so didn't qualify. On Sunday, he was still "up" and happy but managed to get through the course with a qualifying score. He had a few moments of brilliance but also showed what a clown he is by retrieving the distraction toy on the Figure 8 exercise! Dijon earned one more Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) leg on Sunday. On Saturday, she placed 4th in the Rally Excellent B class, but we missed the Rally Advanced B class so she didn't earn an RAE leg. She now has three RAE legs and needs ten for the title. London earned her first two Rally Excellent (RE) legs. Kaywin was the star of the weekend. She finished her Rally Advanced (RA) title on Saturday and also earned her second Companion Dog (CD) leg. On Sunday, she earned her third Companion Dog (CD) leg and therefore completed that title as well! As a bonus, she was once again in the Rally Advanced A class and placed First with a perfect score of 100 and earned an extra fourth RA leg!!!


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