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Litters Planned at Star Crowned Goldens

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Can. CH., SR Beaumaris Star Crowned Logan CD, JH, WCX, CGC
Sunapee Katie's My Game


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Maritime's World Cup Bhoyblu


AKC # SN155871/01
Hips OFA GR-54268G29M-T "Good"
BVA/KC Hip Score 4:4
Elbows OFA GR-EL1153-T
Eyes CERF GR-12944/98-48
Heart OFA GR-CA281/29M/P-T

Confirm OFA & CERF Results Here

Died 10/1/2008

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Maritime Star Crowned Briton CD, RN, WC, CCA, CGC
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(1 CDX leg, 2 NAP legs, 2 JH legs, 2.5 NAHRA Started pts.)


AKC # SN155871/02
BVA/KC Hip Score 6:19 (bad right hip)
Elbows OFA GR-EL1299-T
Eyes CERF GR-11881/98-47
Thyroid OFA GR-TH14/28F-T
Heart OFA GR-CA497/34F/S-T

Confirm OFA & CERF Results Here

Died 3/21/2006 of hemangiosarcoma

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Maritime Beaumaris Champagne
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AKC # SN155871/03
Hips 'okay' at less then 2 years

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Maritime's Blue Beard Clyde
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AKC # SN155871/04

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Maritime Bailey's Celtic Blue
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AKC # SN155871/05

Died 8/14/2003 of hemangiosarcoma

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Maritime Blu Ocean Clipper
clipper21.jpg (34513 bytes)

AKC # SN155871/06
OFA Heart GR-CA376/32M/S-T
Hips dysplastic

Confirm OFA & CERF Results Here

Died 1/16/2003 of lymphoma

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Maritime Betsy Gold And Blue
betsy3.jpg (12497 bytes)

AKC # SN155871/07

Died 1/1/2003 probably of hemangiosarcoma of the heart

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Maritime Blue Star
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AKC # SN155871/08

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