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Summation of Health Results on Star Crowned Goldens:

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For information on Star Crowned Goldens, contact
Karen at (760) 384-2347 or StarCrowned@mchsi.com

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Member of:

Golden Retriever Club of America

Golden Retriever Club of San Diego County

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club (USA)

Inland Valley Retriever Club

Prado Basin Hunting Retriever Club

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IABCA Int. CH. Star Crowned Divine Light (UKC ptd.)


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Leeloo at 4 years old in the snow:

Leeloo at 6 years of age:

Leeloo at 1 year of age:

Leeloo at 6 1/2 weeks of age:


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Can. CH. Kyon's Hot To Trot
U-CH., UCI Int. CH. Star Crowned London Calling CD, RE, WC, CCA, CGC

Whelped 2 December 2007
AKC Registration # SR46849608
UKC Registration # R200-273

Breeder/Owner: Karen W. Webb, Star Crowned Goldens

CHIC # 76703
Hips OFA GR-99751E24F-VPI "Excellent"
Elbows OFA GR-EL21343F24-VPI
Heart OFA GR-CA20826/44F/C-VPI
Eyes OFA GR-EYE157/85F-VPI
Thyroid OFA GR-TH2038/41F-VPI
Patella OFA GR-PA542/41F/P-VPI
prcd-PRA OFA GR-PRA195/46F-VPI "Clear"
GR_PRA1 OFA GR-GR124/46F-VPI "Clear"
GR_PRA2 OFA GR-GR2-95/77F-VPI "Clear"
Ichthyosis OFA GR-ICH253/46F-VPI "Clear"

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Leeloo's Pedigree

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Leeloo's International All Breed Canine Association (IABCA) Conformation Highlights

Placement Event Date Judge
V-1 Rating IABCA, Chino, CA 4/9/2011 Ms. Linda Trustman
V-1 Rating IABCA, Chino, CA 4/9/2011 Mr. David Powers
V-1 Rating
New IABCA International
IABCA, Chino, CA 4/10/2011 Ms. Juliann Kowalsky
V-1 Rating IABCA, Chino, CA 4/10/2011 Ms. Jean Pero

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